The first-ever food report from Inox is out; reveals that in its theaters in 2022, it sold 883 tons of popcorn, 19.38 million samosas, and 38.15 million liters of soft drinks.

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Inox reveals it’s first ever food report – Popcorn, samosas, and other snacks are no longer sufficient to complete a moviegoing experience in today’s cinemas. or sipping something sweet. With such countless benefactors watching a film each and every day, the quantity of samosas, popcorn, cold beverages, and so forth. being sold every day in theaters must be significant. In this regard, Inox has released an intriguing report for the first time today that lists a city-by-city comparison of the food and beverage sales at their 167 cinema halls in 74 Indian cities in addition to providing an accurate estimate of the number of units sold.

  1. A staggering 8.63 metric tons of popcorn were sold, with 7.88 metric tons going to Mumbai. In fact, Mumbai customers consumed more popcorn than customers in 29 other cities, including Mysuru, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Belgaum, Nashik, Ghaziabad, Kanpur, and others.
  2. Samosas were purchased by 19.38 lakh customers throughout the year. 10.70% of samosas were sold in the 3 significant Southern urban areas of Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad.
  3. Additionally, fries have gained popularity as a movie-time snack. The fact that 82 tons of fries were sold this year demonstrates this.
  4. Although Inox did not specify how many plates of the popular snack were sold, it did note that the weight of the units sold was the equivalent of 2.5 Boeing 737-800 aircraft. According to another section of the report, 11.25 percent of Inox’s nachos were sold in their Bengaluru theaters.
  5. In Inox theaters, 3,38,859 puffs were consumed by patrons. It’s interesting to note that as many as 55% of puffs were sold in three South cities—Chennai, Madurai, and Salem—all of which are in Tamil Nadu. There were sales of 38.15 lakh liters of cold beverages. Kolkata bested the rundown of the city where supporters chugged the most measure of sodas – 3.43 lakh liters.
  6. It’s also enjoyable to drink tea and coffee while watching a movie in an air-conditioned multiplex. The multiplex chain sold 20.28 lakh hot beverage cups in 2022.
  7. Moviegoers purchased 5.16 million sandwiches, 2.86 million burgers, and 1.74 million burgers. Before Lucknow, Gurgaon, Pune, and Delhi, Madurai and Salem ranked among the top ten sandwich-consuming cities. In a similar vein, Vizag surprised everyone by having a higher burger consumption rate than Mumbai, Lucknow, Gurgaon, or Kolkata.
  8. Kolkata and Madurai saw sales of 26% of all Inox multiplex ice cream in India. And, believe it or not, Chennai alone sold a staggering 75% of doughnuts.
  9. At the F&B counters, Chinese dishes have also become increasingly popular. More than 40,000 plates of noodles and fried rice and 10.96 lakh dim sums were sold. As the city with the greatest number of momo eaters, Kolkata once again tops the list. It was sold by 2.21 lakh Inox theaters in West Bengal’s capital.

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