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Govinda Naam Mera Review: Despite the ridiculous and illogical second half, GOVINDA NAAM MERA is still watchable.

Govinda Naam Mera Review {3.5/5} & Review Rating

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The story of a man in serious trouble is told in GOVINDA NAAM MERA. Regrettably married to Gauri (Bhumi Pednekar), Govinda Waghmare (Vicky Kaushal), a Bollywood background dancer and aspiring choreographer. They reside in a Mumbai mansion that is involved in a legal dispute. Gopi Vishwakarma (Wilson Tiger), Govinda’s father, was married to Charulata (Veenah Naair) and had a son in the South named Vishnu (Akshay Gunawat). But in the late 1980s, he moved to Mumbai, had an affair with Asha Waghmare (Renuka Shahane), Govinda’s mother, and she gave birth to a son (Govinda). After that, he passed away, inheriting the Asha Niwas mansion from Asha.

Charulata and Vishnu have been fighting in court ever since to get their hands on the mansion. On the one hand, Govinda is fighting this case; on the other, his marriage is in trouble. He cannot respond to Gauri’s dominance. He requests separate yet Gauri requests Rs. 2 crores that Govinda’s family gave her as a dowry. Govinda, a fellow dancer, is having an extramarital affair with Suku (Kiara Advani). She loves Govinda very much, but she’s sick and tired of his problems and wants him to leave his wife as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Govinda purchases a gun for Rs because he is fed up with Gauri’s behavior. 2 lakhs from Dayanand Shetty’s Inspector Javed. He just doesn’t have the guts to shoot her, though. He is constantly being bullied by the officer because he hasn’t paid Javed the full amount for the gun. Govinda and Suku have a golden opportunity to earn Rs at this point. 8 lakhs. They are given the task of choreographing a music video for Sandeep Dharkar, better known by his stage name Sandy (Jeeva), the son of the dreaded politician Ajit Dharkar (Sayaji Shinde). They concur, but the shoot does not proceed as planned. Ajit is furious, so rather than paying them, he asks for a refund of the enormous Rs that was spent on filming the song. 30 lakhs! To summarize, Govinda is in trouble from every direction. At this point, fortune is kind to him, but it also brings a few challenges. The subsequent events shape the remainder of the film.

Govinda Naam Mera

The story of Shashank Khaitan is intriguing despite its complexity. Despite having so many plotlines, characters, and twists, Shashank Khaitan’s screenplay is straightforward. A few unexpected developments are entertaining to watch. Nevertheless, there are a few gaps. Although Shashank Khaitan’s dialogue is funny, there was a lot of room for it to be funny overall.

The direction of Shashank Khaitan is excellent. It’s not easy to deal with characters of this variety and give them justice. Shashank achieves significant success in this regard. The second half is longer, but there is so much happening that it doesn’t feel long or sluggish. The intermission is a surprise, and the last 30 minutes’ developments are quite arresting. Although the treatment and Mumbai-ness remind one of BLUFFMASTER (2005) and LOOTCASE (2020), this does not deter the viewer.

On the other hand, some plot points are just silly and useful. A major plot point about Gauri is very far-fetched, so some of the audience might have trouble understanding it. In the second half, the scene in which Govinda is chased by Sandy serves no purpose and is forced to increase tension. In addition, Gauri’s family history and backstory are never established, which hinders the impact, particularly in light of the events in the second half.

Speaking of performances, Vicky Kaushal handles the role of the distressed husband with ease. This is also his most commercial role and he nails it. Kiara Advani looks stunning and performs ably. Her outburst in the second half is memorable. Bhumi Pednekar is loud as per the requirement and it works big time. If only she had got funnier lines to mouth, it would have aided her performance further.

Renuka Shahane is over the top but her character is quite amusing and that helps. Amey Wagh (Kaustubh Godbole) is highly dependable. Viraj Ghelani (Baldev Chaddha) puts up a confident act. Trupti Khakmkar (Manju; maid) is hilarious. Dayanand Shetty reminds one of his act in the TV show ‘CID’ but due to quirks in his character, it stands out. Akshay Gunawat, Jeeva, Sayaji Shinde and Kenneth Desai (Judge) contribute to the madness. Veenah Naair and Wilson Tiger get limited scope. Ranbir Kapoor and Shashank Khaitan (Anand Joshi; builder) are fair in special appearances.

Music is limited but well-woven. ‘Bijli’ is energetic and well-choreographed by Ganesh Acharya. ‘Pappi Jhappi’ has an important part of the film while ‘Kya Baat Ay 2.0’ is played in the end credits. John Stewart Eduri’s background score enhances the crazy vibe of the film.

Vidushi Tiwari’s cinematography is appropriate. Amit Ray and Subrata Chakraborty’s production design is a bit theatrical. Sheetal Sharma’s costumes are glamorous, especially the ones worn by Kiara. Charu Shree Roy’s editing is fine.

On the whole, GOVINDA NAAM MERA rests on a far-fetched and illogical second half. But thanks to the performances, fast-paced narrative and some unexpected comic and thrilling moments, it turns out to be a watchable film.

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    • Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
    • Dharma Productions
  • Status
    • Released
  • Release Date
    • 16 December, 2022
  • Genre
    • Comedy
    • Drama
  • Language
    • Hindi
  • Director
    • Shashank Khaitan
  • Shooting Location(City & Country)
    • India
  • Producer
    • Karan Johar
    • Apoorva Mehta
    • Hiroo Yash Johar
    • Shashank Khaitan
  • Star Cast
    • Vicky Kaushal … Govinda Waghmare
    • Bhumi Pednekar … Mrs. Waghmare
    • Kiara Advani … Govinda’s Girlfriend
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