Avatar: Day 2’s Box Office Estimate for The Way of Water: Saturday’s increase is 12%; catches Rs. 46 crores

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Avatar, directed by James Cameron: In India, The Way of Water is doing extremely well at the box office. Subsequent to arising as the second greatest opener ever for a Hollywood film in India by gathering Rs. 41 crores, or a 12 percent increase, the epic fantasy on Saturday. Avatar 2’s revenues, according to estimates, range from Rs. 45-47 crores on its second day, bringing the total for the two days to Rs. 87 billion


The film has made a lot of money in all markets, including Hindi circuits, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu; however, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have only made a small amount of money. This was to be expected because a Hollywood film’s first day in Telangana was running at record levels.

Avatar: A weekend of Rs is on the way for The Way Of Water. 130 crores in India, consequently timing one of the greatest opening few days ever for a film in India. The epic fantasy will also enter the Rs, marking the second largest start for a Hollywood film in India. within a short period of time.

Avatar 2’s performance has ensured that 2022 will end with a bang; now, the hold in the collections on Monday and the trend from there will determine how far the film can go. Rs. 250 crores is guaranteed and assuming Monday stays around Rs. 20 crores, after which the Rs. Club worth 300 crores is guaranteed. The Hindi Circuits’ Avatar 2 numbers, too, range from good to very good.

The movie made about Rs. 18 crores on the first day, and about Rs on the second. 21, bringing the total for the two days to Rs. 39 billion. The Hindi circuits will earn approximately Rs per weekend. 63 billion

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